You need to know about LAN and server settings of before you access its features. Basically, it is an IP address meant for local host. Imagine that you have newly created your own server and would like to consider it hosting, this IP address will be of much importance. Remember that the features of are confined to your LAN alone. It will never work until and unless you try connecting with a dynamic IP address. This the setup considered for any web server with the involvement of a router.

Here’s a simple walkthrough that allows you to know about the process of accessing this IP address. This is needed whenever you try to connect your server with the ISP using

Step 1: Type the server name in the “Application Name” field while configuring hardware

Step 2: Enter 8080 in the “External Port” field. This is for the purpose of entering a HTTP port other than 80.

Step 3: Enter in the “IP Address” field for the purpose of connecting with the Internet.

You are now done with your server settings. Now, whenever you type your domain name, a connection will be established with your local ISP and then with the Internet.