Facts about

Connecting to the Internet is facilitated by as it is one of the IP addresses of Linksys. The starting range of dynamic IP addresses, which are allocated by default start with this number. DHCP takes care of the process of assigning your computer with that of routers belonging to Linksys.

How to Access

Assigning as a dynamic IP address allows you to avoid address conflicts. You will come across this IP address when you are trying to access your router settings. Administering of your network is possible when you give preference to managing of this IP address.

Using IP address

Ping to check or access your IP address available on the network. Establishing connection between routers and networks is possible only when you related to another router or network. This is the best way of accessing internal resources as well for the safe and efficient usage of the network resources.

Also, you need to check the functioning of the network through whenever the network slows down. This IP address functions in the best way whenever you are trying to assess the message delivery procedure between hosts and routers. The communication will fail if the message is transferred to a wrong router.