Tracing Sessions with

Requesting information from the HTTP server by a client is monitored by and when you ping back you will be able to get the status. It is a server IP address allowing you to access the information being a client. You will not be able to access until and unless you enable session properly.

Importance of Sessions

A session is needed to connect between different servers through for information interchange. A host of sessions will be functioning for a task to be accomplished. Once the task has been done, the same IP address favors dumping of a particular session in a safe manner.


Being a host IP address, is required for the HTTP server for carrying the information through different sessions including establishment and accomplishment of them. This IP address takes center stage whenever the hostname’s IP address is to be made free from conflicts. For this purpose, an ARP query is needed.


Not only you need an IP address like, but also the complete report of the path is required to monitor the functioning of a network through different sessions. By pinging, you can know the status of the session and the role played by the host IP address for that particular session.