The IP address is an address that is set as default IP address by the manufacturer of certain broadband modems and routers. It is a private network address that can be used by any device that can operate in a local network, which can be established by the user. Although it is the default address of many network devices it is important to change the address because conflicts will arise if more than one device using the IP address connect to a network at the same time. Changing of the address can be done by use of management software that can be sourced from network device vendors.

How does one access Some success has been achieved when one follows these steps; ping the address, from the start menu access the ‘cmd’ function, input ping this should return results of connection status. If it fails one should access the access point, select the wireless option and access its properties, edit the properties by selecting the IP and input the IP address 192.168.0.n, where ‘n’ is a number between 1 and 100. Once this is done one should tap on the TAB key to automatically generate the subnet mask, after this one can select OK, to close the application. Once done one should follow the prior process.